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Aging Hands

Aging hands become more noticeable due to sun spots, a crepey texture, volume loss and prominent veins and tendons.

What are the signs of aging hands?

Aging hands become more noticeable due to sun spots, a crepey texture, volume loss and prominent veins and tendons. Unfortunately, the aging process does a number on our skin, and our hands aren’t safe from the unsightly effects of time. Many women and men turn to aesthetic treatments to rejuvenate the tone and texture of their hands. We can’t stop the aging process but we can get treatments to turn the clock back on our aging hands.

What are the other causes and factors?

Sunlight can help speed up the aging of our skin, and our hands often get some of the most sun exposure. UV-rays promote the production of melanin, which gives our skin its color. When a large amount of melanin is concentrated in a single area, we can develop age or sun spots. These are the small brown spots that suddenly sprout on our bodies. Additionally, cigarette smoke and alcohol can also contribute to aging skin.

What are the available treatment options?

The tone, texture and tightness of our skin all get worse over time, and while moisturizer and other skin care products can help, they do not provide immediate or dramatic results. Thankfully, aesthetic treatments can be used to help give you the youthful hands you desire.

At Nouvea Medspas, Dr. Rubin provides Radiesse dermal filler treatments to address aging skin of the hands. Radiesse is FDA-approved and can be injected beneath the skin to restore volume and tightness to the back of your hands.* Dermal fillers can raise the skin level by filling in volume loss around the veins and tendons.* These injections are safe, durable and provide long-lasting results.*

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