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Aqua Gold the Golden Cocktail

Why do I love Aqua Gold so much? Because it allows me to deliver customized treatments into the patient’s skin in the mid dermis.

Why do I love Aqua Gold so much? Because it allows me to deliver customized treatments into the patient’s skin in the mid dermis. This treatment represents a monumental leap forward in the field of aesthetics medicine with zero downtime.

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Let me briefly explain the process. First, we take the patients whole blood, and then we use a two-spin process where we remove the red and white blood cells along with two thirds of the serum until we are left with pure growth factors. Then the growth factors along with other sterile medications are added to the Aqua Gold drug delivery device. This device consists of a sterile bottle connected to a sterile screw-on top that contains 20 very thin (130 microns) hollow gold needles, 600 microns long, just long enough to reach the mid dermis. The hollow needles allow us to deliver the natural growth factors and customized medications into the skin where it stimulates collagen synthesis.

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The serum contains 10 different growth factors and induces the formation of fibroblasts, which then create Collagen types I and III. Simply put, growth factors are able to thicken your skin anywhere on your body and reverse the signs of aging by actually reversing the cause of wrinkles. It is the most natural and logical way to treat thinning skin, hair, and wrinkles because it treats the cause as opposed to the symptoms.

In addition, at Nouveau MedSpas we are able to customize each patient’s Aqua Gold treatment. In addition to growth factors, we can add, Botox, Xeomin, Vitamin C, Juvederm, Normal Saline, Lidocaine, and many other sterile medications to suit each individuals needs.

Ongoing investigations are being conducted at the moment that looks very promising for the reversal of sun damage to the skin by using growth factors.

– Dr. Judith Rubin, Nouveua MedSpas of Gig Harbor

At Nouveau MedSpas we use sterile technique on every patient throughout the entire process to ensure the highest quality and safety for our patients. Schedule your Aqua Gold consultation today in our Gig Harbor Med Spa by scheduling online or calling our office at (253) 358-3667.

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