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Post-Surgery Boost

A post surgery boost with IV therapy may be necessary for people who are recovering from a surgical operation.

What is IV therapy for a post-surgery boost?

A post-surgery boost may be beneficial for people who are recovering from a surgery. If you feel that you would like an IV to aid in quicker recovery after surgery or you have a procedure upcoming, IV therapy can give you the boost you need.

Whare are the Benefits of a post-surgery boost?

The benefits of this IV treatment include:

  • hydration, which improves blood flow promoting faster healing
  • high dose vitamin C and Zinc are the standard of care in wound healing

What is involved in the wound healing process?

Vitamin C plays an essential role in collagen production. Collagen helps our bodies heal from wounds by providing structural support and integrity to the skin. The mineral zinc is also required for collagen biosynthesis. While Vitamin C and zinc supplements can help, they often don’t provide you with the number of nutrients you need. After the trauma of surgery, the body actually requires over 100 times more Vitamin C than usual. IV vitamins also speed up the healing process by being injected straight into your bloodstream.

What other vitamins are used?

In addition to Vitamin C, the other vitamins used in this boost include:

  • B6
  • B12

B-complex vitamins (B6 and B12, for example) are all synergistic with each other and they are great for your skin.

When should I schedule my IV therapy?

For the best possible results, Dr. Rubin recommends:

  1. Two treatments–once before your surgery and again after your surgery. This will give your body more ammunition to take on the task of repairing your connective tissues and skin.*
  2. 1-2 treatments before your surgery and another 1-2 sessions after your surgery may be necessary.*

During the consultation, she will select the nutrients that you will need during your treatment. Dr. Rubin’s goal is to help in every way possible for your upcoming surgery.

Schedule a consultation in Gig Harbor, Washington

We have an IV bar at our medspa in Gig Harbor and can provide post-surgery boosts to women and men in the area. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Rubin today to get started. Recovery from surgery can be very painful and arduous. IV therapy is a fast and effective way to recover and get back to 100%.* Schedule over the phone or online today!

*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed

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