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Biotin IM Shots

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Thicken Your Hair, Skin, and Nails with Biotin IM Shots

There are a lot of things we can not control in life. When it comes to your appearance, especially your hair, skin, and nails, it can take a toll on your self-esteem and confidence. Hair loss and thinning can happen in both men and women genetically and with age. While some medications can offer hair growth for both genders, it is often a struggle to get the natural hair regrowth you’re looking for. Has your hair been falling out in uncontrollable clumps? Is your medication and hair care treatment not working its charm? Does shiny, thick hair last only a few months? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, Biotin IM Shots may be right for you! Biotin is known for making hair stronger, strengthening brittle nails, and improving skin health. Contact our team at Nouveau MedSpa to learn more!

How Do Biotin IM Shots Work?

Biotin, also known as Vitamin H, is also an essential component in helping the body convert food into energy and helping to metabolize fats and protein. It helps rectify brittle nails, aid in hair loss, and help smokers who often have low biotin levels. Those who have hair problems such as dry, brittle hair want to strengthen and restore their hair’s elasticity, and Biotin IM shots can help with that! Consuming biotin through certain foods or supplements can help, but a biotin injection is likely to work quicker for a more direct and fast approach. When you get a biotin injection, it reacts with enzymes and helps produce amino acids. Amino acids play a crucial role in the building of protein. The injection works directly from inside your body, helping boost the body’s keratin infrastructure. This allows the hair to grow back shiny, thicker, and healthy.

Hair Loss Treatments for Women

When people think of hair loss, they often categorize it as something only men struggle with when it affects both sexes. When it comes to hair loss in women, we can typically see it range from genetics and postpartum hormone changes to simply just the process of aging. Any changes that create excessive stress can result in the body needing to work harder, meaning it neglects some of its other functions like hair growth. Thankfully, our team at Nouveau MedSpa makes it our mission to help women feel beautiful and confident in their hair. Contact us today to learn more about treatments for hair loss and give it your best shot at incredible results with Biotin IM Shots!

Hair Loss Treatments for Men

Despite genetics being the leading cause of male pattern baldness, a few other factors can contribute to your shredding strands, such as poor diet, excess manipulation of the hair, and stress. To determine the best course of treatment, first, you need to identify the stage of baldness you are experiencing, and that is where Dr. Rubin comes in. She will help guide you through your journey to hair restoration. Losing your hair affects your physical appearance and can also take a toll on your mental health. It can have an adverse and detrimental effect on your self-confidence and affect your social life. When hair loss affects your social life or leads to depression, it’s time to take charge today! Contact us today in Gig Harbor and find out how Biotin IM Shots can help you.

Biotin IM Shots in Gig Harbor, Washington

Biotin is beneficial to everyone, even if you do not have a deficiency. At Nouveau MedSpa, our specialty is personalized aesthetic treatments. Judith Rubin, MD, will formulate an individualized plan to maximize your beauty based on your personal goals and preferences. Stop dealing with hair loss today! Get started by dialing (253) 358-3667 or filling out the form on our site to request a consultation in Gig Harbor, Washington.

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Biotin IM Shots is Used to Treat:

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