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Athlete Prep

Athlete prep IV therapy is ideal for runners, swimmers, cyclists, jumpers, divers, and lifters who do extensive workouts and training.

What is athlete prep IV therapy?

Athlete prep IV therapy is ideal for:

  • runners
  • swimmers
  • cyclists
  • weekend warriors
  • divers
  • and lifters who do extensive workouts and training

Most athletes carry a water bottle or sports drink with them, but our digestive systems don’t always absorb all of the fluids and nutrients we need. In order to add essential fluids and nutrients to the body faster and more effectively, IV therapy will deliver them directly to the bloodstream. This will help you perform at your peak ability.* Athletes who have received IV infusions note that their muscles recover more quickly and that they were able to enjoy their post-performance achievements even more.*

How does it work?

Training for and competing in athletic events can put a significant amount of stress on the body. Essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes are lost and cellular waste products are built up. Athlete prep IV therapy will give your body a healthy dose of electrolytes and will help to remove the waste products that build up during exercise much faster than oral hydration.*

During the treatment:

  • you will not feel any discomfort
  • at most, patients feel a pin prick from the needle at the injection site
  • once the injection is made, your session can take anywhere from 20-30 minutes
  • the precise time will depend on the amount of fluid, nutrient and electrolyte replacement you need

Which vitamins will be used in the IV infusion?

One of the main vitamins that Dr. Rubin will use for the therapy is B12. Vitamin B12 is important:

  • for the formation of red blood cells and the regeneration of healthy nerve tissue. Healthy red blood cells are essential to the delivery of oxygen to your muscles, allowing them to function properly–especially during athletic performances.
  • for the production of energy for your body and it can improve sleep quality. This is essential for muscle recovery.

B-Complex (B vitamins), Vitamin C , amino acids, magnesium, and calcium may also be used in the infusion. They are all important for the function of healthy cells. These nutrients also allow us to utilize the energy that we get from our food. In order for proper muscle contraction to take place, these vitamins assist with the removal of cellular waste.

Many professional athletes use IV infusions before a game to help prevent dehydration. By scheduling this therapy before a competition, you will have more energy throughout the game to help you perform your best.*

Schedule a consultation in Gig Harbor, Washington

IV therapy is growing in popularity among endurance athletes because it boosts their energy levels during an event and it really speeds up the recovery time afterward. We encourage you schedule your session before or after your next event to feel the benefits. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Rubin to learn more about athlete prep IV therapy. She will address any questions or concerns you have about the therapy. Give us a call at (253) 358-3667 or schedule online today!

*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed

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