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Customized IV’s for your individual needs

At Nouveau Medspas Dr. Rubin is able to create a customized IV for your individual needs.

Custom IV'sAt Nouveau Medspas, Dr. Rubin is able to create a customized IV for your individual needs. We stock various sterile IV solutions, vitamins, minerals, elements, and amino acids. Doctor Rubin is able to formulate an IV for you keeping the osmolality (concentration) isotonic, i.e. at the same concentration as your blood plasma.

Keeping an IV sterile and isotonic is extremely important; to high of a concentration can irritate your vessels and to low of a concentration can cause hemolysis where the red blood cells fill with fluid and burst. All of our IVs are formulated to be isotonic or near isotonic in the range of 270-300 mosm.

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*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed

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