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Fitness Recovery

Fitness recovery IV therapy is ideal for athletes and fitness fanatics who want to enhance their performance or speed up their post workout recovery time.*

What is fitness recovery IV therapy?

Fitness recovery IV therapy is ideal for athletes and fitness fanatics who want to enhance their performance or speed up their post workout recovery time.* IV therapy can:

  • restore energy
  • promote muscle recovery with hydration, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids

At Nouveau Medspas, we understand the importance of fitness and a rigorous workout routine. It’s the key to staying strong and healthy and we want to help you recover faster. If you are training for a marathon, or if you want to supplement your hydration for cycling or other physical activities, an IV infusion provides all the fluids, nutrients and electrolyte replacement you’ll need.*

At Nouveau, we’ve mixed the ultimate IV infusion for athletes. It is intended to promote muscle recovery and it can provide you with anti-inflammatory benefits as well.*

What are the benefits?

Your body knows its limits and will often tell you when it’s time for a break. When this happens, a quick and easy IV therapy session can provide you with the muscle and body relief to help you quickly recover.* The full benefits can include:

  • A peak in athletic performance with a faster recovery time
  • A restoration to the natural balance of fluids and electrolytes
  • Improvement to your energy levels
  • A boost to your training and competitive performance
  • An overall boost to your mood and stamina

Fitness recovery IV therapy includes hydration fluids combined with vitamins, and amino acids to assist in muscle recovery and regeneration along with your overall physical health.

How is it performed?

During the treatment:

  • you will not feel any discomfort
  • at most, patients feel a pin prick from the needle at the injection site
  • once the injection is made, your session can take anywhere from 20-30 minutes
  • the precise time will depend on the amount of fluid, nutrient and electrolyte replacement you need
  • during your appointment, you can hang out and relax
  • We want you to feel comfortable, so feel free to bring a book or use your phone

At Nouveau Medspas, Dr. Rubin will oversee everything to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Schedule a consultation in Gig Harbor, Washington

If you’d like to replenish your hydration levels and electrolyte balance after you’ve pushed yourself to the limit, schedule a consultation with Dr. Rubin. From our office in Gig Harbor, she can help you recover much faster after your extensive fitness routine.* If you have any questions about IV therapy, give us a call at (253) 358-3667. You can schedule your consultation using the form on our website.

*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed

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