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Improve Sexual Function in Women

As women age testosterone levels fall. This natural process frequently begins by age 40 but can occur earlier in some women.

As women age testosterone levels fall. This natural process frequently begins by age 40 but can occur earlier in some women. As a result, we see a decrease in sex drive and ability to climax. By the time a woman reaches menopause, testosterone levels are usually less than 10 or even so low they can not be measured at all. In addition, loss of sex hormones estradiol and testosterone lead to vaginal atrophy, dryness and loss of elasticity which makes sex painful. Lastly, as we age the nerve to the clitorus loses proper function making climax very difficult and eventually impossible. Although the aging process seems daunting to a women’s sexual function,  we have all modalities and treatments which will restore a women’s vitality, function, and ability to climax.

How to Improve Sexual Function in Women

First of all, it is important to restore a women’s vaginal health which can be accomplished with a series of 3 mona lisa laser treatments. The MonaLisa Touch laser is a painless treatment which is able to increase vaginal cell thickness, collagen and elastin. We see a return of glycogen, lubrication, and normal vaginal function. At Nouveau medspas we have treated 100’s of patients who were unable to have sex due to vaginal atrophy, dryness, or lichen sclerosis return to normal function even if they are unable to take hormones or have a history of breast cancer.

Second it is important to normalize a women’s hormone levels unless medically contraindicated, using transdermal natural estradiol and testosterone and natural oral progesterone. We do this at our sister telemedicine practice Nouveau Health at

Last, even if a patient has acceptable levels of hormones she may not be able to climax or climax may be difficult to achieve. This is a normal consequence of aging that can be completely reversed by injecting your platelet rich plasma (which contains nerve growth factors) into the clitoris and the anterior vagina. Although this injection sounds scary, the actual procedure is painless with minimal post-procedure discomfort. We use a strong topical numbing cream for an hour followed by a local nerve block. After a series of two injections,  frequently referred to as the O shot, women are able to climax again and have more intense orgasms.



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