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Pebbly Chin

A pebbly chin, or orange peel chin, is defined as having a rough, pebble-like skin in the chin area.

What is a pebbly chin?

A pebbly chin, or orange peel chin, is defined as having a rough, pebble-like texture in the chin area. People with this concern have a bumpy, uneven chin that is caused by excessive flexing of the mentalis muscle, which covers a majority of the chin. In some cases, a deep horizontal line will bisect this part of the face. Volume loss can also contribute to this issue. As the chin loses volume, the mentalis muscle can create a rippled effect.

What are the available treatments at Nouveau Medspas in Gig Harbor?

Pebbly chin can be easily treated with BOTOX Cosmetic or Xeomin injections. Both treatments work to relax the mentalis muscle and the other muscles in the area that cause an uneven appearance. A few drops of either neuromodulator can be injected into the chin to give you a smoother chin contour.* At Nouvea Medspas, we help women and men who wish to address common skin and body concerns. During your consultation with Dr. Rubin, she will cover any questions or concerns that you have about your skin, and she can select the best treatment option for you. Schedule your consultation online or over the phone at (253) 358-3667 today!

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